Our last event of the season was put together for the local enoteche, restauranteurs and other clients who purchase our wine.  It was a grand affair and I believe one of our best meals ever.  Here’s a look at the menu….


SORRISO crack, crudo, cotto, stagionato

PICKLED egg, radish, beet, kohlrabi, turnip, carrot, rye tuile, flowers

SODA POP tomato water, red beet, lemon, basil flowers

BEET and grape gelee with whipped sheep cheese and polenta crack

FEGATO crema caramellata, grape bread, corniolo

CHESTNUT apple, wild fennel, buckwheat, vanilla

PETRAIA LAMB yogurt, mint, garlic, sott’olio

PETRAIA CINTA SENESE pork belly, crackling, quince, apple, wild fennel, granola

WILD FENNEL wild apple, prosecco, lemon


blackberry, strawberry, red and black currant, elderberry, hazelnut, sesame snap, cocoa crumbs, lemon and berry mousse


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