It was just ten days before I was born, on September 19, 1958 that the last family to farm La Petraia, the D’Ambrosio’s, left to emigrate to the US. When Michael and I arrived in 2001 we found a property long abandoned. Since then we have had the good fortune to oversee the restoration project that has returned this ancient place to a thriving and abundant farm. Many local people tell us today Petraia is the most beautiful estate in Chianti. We understand there’s a lot of competition for that title, but we certainly agree with them.

Michael and I have always known our job as custodians of Petraia would amount to a short blip in her long history. Today the time has arrived for us to begin to think about our future and also that of Petraia, so we are starting the process of looking for a new custodian for her. Many who have visited have asked us to let them know if we ever decide Petraia is for sale. That day has arrived.

If any of you are interested in talking to us about Petraia’s future, or know someone who might be, please let us know.    

From November 2014 Petraia will be listed, officially with two different estate agents.

Michael and I remain as committed as ever to all of our ongoing endeavors here, perhaps the most important of which is to continue producing excellent wine and sharing the bounty of La Petraia with our guests.  On these fronts we will keep you well informed.

What follows are a few pictures of the Petraia we have come to know so well. Take a scroll. 

Welcome to La Petraia

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Lavanda bedside 6365IMG_1369 


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 _MG_7995_Dining_Room_EntranceMORE MAG 2007_04 #5 006


Posted By: Francisco Parochetti December 10th, 2014 @ 1:16 am

Love this place can I visit 🙂

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