Dinner on our night off...

Dinner on our night off…

A night off in the restaruant, early summer.  So much good food to eat in our garden right now.  I love this time of year.  The peas have just finished but the green and purple beans are starting.  So are the zucchini.  Soon there will be cucumbers and tomatoes, fresh chick peas and zolfini beans too.  And of course, we have greens galore.  Chard in particular is doing well this year and I am getting some gorgeous red beets. Here is our dinner on a recent night when the restaurant was closed and we were able to enjoy the peaceful bliss of Petraia on a beautiful summer evening..

Swiss chard stems, one of my favourtes!  Steamed and served cold with EVO and vinegar

Roast Petraia squab and new potatoes

Salami, olives, pecorino cheese, bread

steamed artichokes……..

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