photo-14Last spring we harvested our fava leaves along with their beans and we saved all of the shells from our peas.  The fava leaves we used fresh in salads and in a spectacular fava leaf risotto which was a big hit with our guests.  The surplus leaves we dehydrated along with the pea shells.  I’ve been using those dehydrated shells and leaves all winter to make heartwarming vegetable broths for risotto and winter soups.   As we march into spring, the seeds we planted in December are pushing their way out of the ground and with that comes the promise of  fresh peas and fava beans.  The cycle will soon start all over and while I can’t wait to have those first delicious green peas I am sorry to see the last of these shells and leaves which have sustained us so well this winter.   Today I am saying good-bye and thank you as I use the last of them to make this soup for lunch along with the last of our frozen fava beans and a few dehydrated parsnips, carrots and leeks.





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